Everything was mixed up in Berezovsky’s economy … Criminal tracks


I met Nagiyev, when the situation with Rusglobus was just developing. Nagiyev himself came out to me, having read the publications on the Internet. He said that he also wants to take part in “this work.” At first I did not understand what kind of work. You know, any initiative causes suspicion. And then Nagiyev told me that he has a “bomb” about the explosions in Moscow. I advised him, as a law-abiding citizen, to apply to the authorities. To this he replied that the material was intended for Mr. Berezovsky. I took the interview from Nagiyev and published it on the website. After this, the team of BAB became interested in Nagiyev, who was actively looking for meetings with them. For his materials, he wanted a lot, even a lot – a million dollars. In general, they are traded there for his “sensations”.

Ramin Nagiev

“Y”: And what, in fact, can the Azerbaijani counterintelligence officer present to the BAB team?

OS: Clean water bluff. The thing is that several years ago in Baku the Azerbaijani Ministry of Security arrested several suspected terrorists, among whom were Russians by nationality. Of course, this immediately saw the “hand of the FSB.” And Nagiyev decided to create a “sensation” by stretching a thread from the Baku explosions to Moscow and to the events in Ryazan. Nagiyev served in the Ryazan military prosecutor’s office back in Soviet times, he kept contacts there, so much of this bluff looked almost like truth, intrigued and fell perfectly into the general information attack of the BBC on Russian authorities. Again, he wanted a million dollars.

As a professional journalist, I told Nagiyev straightforwardly: you have no texture, there are speculations, fictions and your own conclusions. He thought differently: nothing, will pass. Nagiyev went to Paris as a tourist and asked for political asylum there, although he was a Russian citizen.

Ramin Nagiev Fr.ID.

“Y”: It turns out that Berezovsky’s entourage selects only figures that can provide information about the “horrors and arbitrariness of Russian special services”?

OS: When Lieutenant-Colonel Nagiyev was in France, I, frankly, felt sorry for him. We spoke openly. I told him: listen, this team (people of Berezovsky) are scammers who download information from you, no matter what, and then throw them away, and you will not be needed. But he believed them, at least in words. We had a conversation with Nagiyev three times. I do not know if he passed me to the BABB people or did not pass it. Maybe he passed it … Maybe that’s why Limarev’s attitude towards me changed, suspicion and distrust increased.

So, Nagiyev in a desire to earn stood his ground. True, he had the intelligence not to give Berezovsky that information, which he considered the most important. Nagiyev was confused and was at a dead end. On the one hand – the thirst for money, on the other – he took the whole family abroad: a wife, sons. He has nowhere to go. While the people of “Birches” feed him.

“Y”: Collecting compromising material on the “Putin regime”, publications – this is the main part of the work of Goldfarb, Limarev and their structures?

OS: In the ideological sense, this is their main direction. As for concrete cases, if they exist, who would doubt.

“Y”: Sultanov and Nagiyev were supposed to write their parts of “Putin’s Russia”. And what is the role of Limarev in this project?

OS: Limarev claims that he was once the son of General SVR (although it turns out that this is a myth) had an agent contact with this service and tried to use it for work abroad. But then he allegedly quarreled with intelligence, he was not understood, underestimated. And he went into the sugar business, but he did not lose contact with the SVR.

Then for Limarev, already in the rank of assistant Seleznev, came the Swiss period. He lived in the richest district of Geneva, where millionaires lodged. And only then fell under the BAB, changing one of the best cities in the world to the village of Clusaz, located 25 km from Geneva, but already in French territory. His dirty business (about Limarev’s sugar machinations at one time wrote the newspaper “Version”) led to the fact that Limarev abandoned everything, paid off the claims of accomplices and fled. In France, he came up with “RusGlobus” and spun in the wheel of Berezovsky. Now he is building a very tough analyst.

“Y”: If Limarev recruits propagandists and collects information, the figure of Goldfarb, who periodically visits from the US, looks somewhat different. It’s more a kind of curator Berezovsky from overseas special services. That is, Limarev is a mid-level manager specializing in small-scale executors and information-hunting; Goldfarb represents a structure that affects the BAB. And what is left for Berezovsky?

OS: Maybe he himself thinks or wants to consider himself the coordinator of all this work. But in fact, everything looks different. In my deep conviction, he is not coordinated, but US citizen Alex Goldfarb, who has the widest connections in the State Department and special services. A Berezovsky they are fooling. Maybe Boris Abramovich does not understand this, or maybe just got used to being surrounded by swindlers. His eyes are closed, and in imagination, power is drawn and a return to Russia. Of course, not as a defendant …


Berezovsky was found dead at his home, Titness Park, at Sunninghill, near Ascot in Berkshire, on 23 March 2013.post-mortem examination found that his death was consistent with hanging and that there were no signs of a violent struggle.However the coroner at the inquest into Berezovsky’s death later recorded an open verdict.[