Director of Azadliq newspaper, Faiq Amirli arrested

13:00: Director of Azadliq newspaper, Popular Front Party member Faiq Amirli is detained. Police is conducting search in his house

13:30: Faig Amirli managed to exchange couple words with his colleague Tezexan Mirelemli (Tazakhan Miralamli) when the Grave Crimes Unit prosecutors brought him to get the keys of the apartment and the car for search. The key of his car had been taken by the prosecutors and they delayed the search for an hour. Something might be planted in the car during that time. Faig said they were planning to take him to the Internal Security Service first, then the decision was changed and he was taken to the Grave Crimes Unit. He didn’t testify, waiting for a lawyer.

14:30 URGENT UPDATE: Just spoke to Sujaddin Sharifov, colleague of Faig Amirli. He is witnessing the search. Nothing found at home, all wedding dvds and movies are taken. As expected, the car was interfered during the time, when police had the key. While I was speaking on the phone with Sharifov, police “found” Gulenist literature in the back of the car.

Aliyev  terror continues 

Khadija Ismailova