Immigration scandal.Journalist engaged in illegal migration.Foto fact

How many years have the press published articles and published facts and evidence about a criminal group sending emigrants from Azerbaijan to Europe.

Thus, a young man named Tural Huseynov (AzerTurk), who is a member of Khatai district department of “AXCP”, got into the network dealing with the “immigration business” of the “mafia”.

T.Huseynov tells about what happened:

“I want to tell you about what happened to me. Recently, many of our citizens are thinking about leaving the country and going to Europe. It’s no secret that these people are trying to establish contact with dealers who are preparing the necessary documents .

A few months ago I also wanted to go with my family to Germany. I started looking for a reliable person to do the documents, and then made contact with one of them. I trusted him, because he introduced himself as an honest man, and also works for Ganimat Zahid(TuranTV). He had close contacts with “AXCP”PFPA members, I thought he was a normal person and would not deceive me. I did not doubt him, since he had already sent several families to Europe as emigrants. Who would have thought that he would be a fraud.

His name is Fikret Huseynli.


The leader of the “Cəbhə Xətti” program on Turan Tv emigrated to Holland (his chief is the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Azadlıq”, the functionary of the PFPA Ganimat Zahid – editor). Fikret Huseynli, who represents himself as a human rights activist …

For the first time we talked to him on Skype. He asked me for $ 5,700 for organizing emigration. He instructed me the next day to exchange money for euros and transfer 2000 euros to his brother Huseynov Elkhan Nurali oglu in “Unibank”.


I note that Fikret’s brother lives in Holland, and this amount went to this country (a receipt for the transfer of money from me). If my business was decided in Baku, then why did the money go to Holland? So this man puts the money in his pocket. Then I got a call from his man named Matlab from Baku and introduced myself as a tourist company employee (later I learned that he does not work there). He gave me an account of the travel agency in the bank, and at the direction of Fikret I transferred there 1135 euros. For this money, the firm had to prepare my documents for obtaining a visa, allegedly on legal grounds. For this work they demanded 1135 euros, and 2000 Fikret appropriated himself just like that. For another work done in Baku, I again paid from my pocket. Then Fikret told me that I must have documents from my place of work.

I collected these documents, but Fikret said that there is not enough information and a seal. He sent me a voice message on Whatsapp that he can do it for 100 USD. He said to give Matlab 100 USD. A day later Fikret’s man handed me the document, then I could not think that he was a fake. Then all the collected documents, together with this counterfeit, were transferred to the Hungarian embassy. After a while, my wife and I were given a visa, and my two young children were not given a visa. Naturally, I could not leave them here and leave. I again contacted Fikret and expressed my displeasure. I told him or completed this work to the end, or return my money. He replied that it was easy to decide, simply the consul requires a guarantor, someone should vouch for you, find such a person and make an appointment with the consul. I again believed him

I did as he said and again could not get a visa. It all started after that. Fikret invented a new lie, he said, go to Europe for a week, and after 2 months, contact another embassy again, paying the money. But he said that he does not guarantee a positive outcome. I could not take such a risk, because I had already spent all the money. Besides, I no longer believed in Fikret, he deceived me. And when I demanded my money back, he refused. He claimed that he had given money as a bribe to the Hungarian embassy. This should be investigated. Then Fikrat began to intimidate me with the Azerbaijani spy agency . I thought he was an agent of the KGB Azerbaijani spy agency. He said he would expose me as a smuggler. He said that if I disclose all this information, I will be disgraced myself, no one will believe me. He began to threaten me and say that behind him are members of the Popular Front Party, opposition circles, and nobody is behind me. That is, if I disclose information that he is a fraud, the PFPA will also get a blow. He does not want to return my money to me. ”

T.Huseynov said that he applied to the travel agency in Baku and was able to return 1000 euros from the money he paid:

“The firm is called” “, the office is located on the street. Ziverbey Ahmadbeyeva. According to Fikret, part of the money he returned, and part of the firm, but did not name the amount. Every time he wrote me different amounts. I wanted to disclose this information, but before my eyes was the PFPA, of which I am a member, and its chairman Ali Kerimli.

did not want to blur the party I belong to. Since I have great respect for Ganimat bey, I first told him everything. But Fikrat convinced Ganimet Bey that everything was different. Then I told the member of the National Council Eldaniz Guliyev about this. He was against making this information public. He said that maybe Fikrat might come to his senses. Eldaniz bey invited me to meet with Ali Bey. We met,

Ali Bey said that Eldaniz had already said to Bey that he had heard negative things about Fikret and about his fraud. He told me that he does not know him, and that he has nothing to do with the party, but his actions will affect the party, since he works for Ganimat Zahid. He contacted Ganimet Bey and told him about the actions of Fikret Huseynli and how he deceived me. He noted that Fikret should be removed from “Turan TV”, and that he must return the money to me.


Ali bey said that since Fikret is not a member of the party, he can not exert influence on him. A few hours after the meeting with Ali Bey, Fikrat told me that I can address anyone, he is not afraid of anyone. It turns out that he is not afraid either Ali Bey or Ganimet Bey, who works. He said that if I publish this information, I can not step out of the house because of his people.

I have all our correspondence with Fikret, proofs, voice messages, bank checks and documents. I can present all this. I’m sure that I’m right. My goal in making this information public is to expose the scammers and protect others from deception. Such people should not abuse the name of the “PFPA” and commit fraud, taking advantage of the confidence of its members. Such people are staining our name.

Fikret Huseynov

Fikret Huseyli says he bribed the Hungarian embassy. As I heard from several people, to obtain a residence permit in Europe for people to whom he made documents, he forges the documents and the seal of the Court for serious crimes of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He says that he allegedly has acquaintances in court who send him these documents for money. I wonder if he is an oppositionist, from where he has connections with the government. It turns out that in Europe he provides forged documents. ”

This statement by a member of the PFPA is a revelation of a criminal group, there are horrendous statements, starting with forgery, ending with bribes at the Hungarian embassy. Investigative bodies should investigate this issue.