The pressure of Vidadi Isgenderli relatives from the authorities of Azerbaijan does not stop

Pressure on the human rights defender Vidadi Iskandarli  ,who  live in the quality of the political migrant in Georgia ,from the side of the Azerbaijani authorities does not stop



This year, on May 10, the Goychay Police Department in Azerbaijan , at the request of the authorities, summoned Vidadi Iskandarov’s brothers to the police station and warned that if Vidadi Iskenderov does not stop his political entry against the Azerbaijani authorities, all the relatives of Iskenderov’s Vidadi will suffer. ”


To clarify this issue, we had to meet with Vidadi Iskenderli. Vidadi confirmed the information and, according to the pro-defender, the Azerbaijani authorities want repressive methods to break they realitive in Azerbaijan

All relatives of the right defender  Vidadi Iskandarly ,were dismissed from work for the same day. All the relatives of Vidadi Iskandarli claimed that they were called to work and wanted to force them to testify against Vidadi Iskandarli. When they refused they were immediately fired from work
The authorities denied these allegations and did not investigate.

List of relatives of Vidadi Iskandarli who was dismissed from work

1) İskanderov Farid İsfandiyar oğlu  Oncologist doctor

2) İsgəndərov Turqut İsfəndiyar oğlu -Security 
3) İskandarova Nargiz Qalib qızı( women)-Leading Specialist
4) İsgandərova Leyla Qalib qızı (women)-Sports instructor
5)   Ahmadov  Rüfet Mamməd oğlu -Dispatcher
 6) Ahmedov  Fuad Mammad oğlu – Specialist in General motors co.

Azerbaijan remains a deeply authoritarian state, and 2017 saw further aggressive steps from the executive to eliminate all criticism and dissent against a backdrop of mounting economic crisis.

Following a well-established pattern from 2013 to 2015, in 2016/2017  Azerbaijani authorities used a range of false, politically motivated criminal charges, including drug possession and illegal business activity to arrest at least 20 political and youth activists. Those detained have often been subject to ill-treatment including torture.

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